The Super Bowl was yesterday…which means a whole lot of ads got dropped yesterday as well! Brands shelled out millions of dollars, got celebrity cameos, and did whatever they could to make sure they caught people’s attention this year.

We’ve got a rundown of all the ads shown during the Super Bowl broadcast below. Fan favorites include Beyonce trying to break the internet, Aubrey Plaza acting deadpan as she talks about loving Mountain Dew, and Arnold Schwarzenegger struggling to pronounce the word “neighbor” in the State Farm motto “Like a good neighbor, state farm is there.”

Check out all the ads below. Looking for movie trailers? We’ve got that covered here.

  • BMWChristopher Walken makes fun of people who try to sound like him…Usher makes an appearance as well as soon as someone says the word “Yeah!”
  • Mountain Dew – Aubrey Plaza plays up her deadpan comedic stylings while she talks about how she’s always having a blast. Nick Offerman shows up to help out by being just as deadpan as her
  • Squarespace Aliens have to to earth…but can’t get our attention until they make a stylish website with the help of SqaureSpace. The ad was apparently directed by Martin Scorsese
  • Lindor Candy flies around…and people have fun eating Lindor candy
  • Google Google shows off how their products can help people with low vision in a heartwarming ad
  • Dunkin’ – Ben Affleck tries to impress his wife Jennifer Lopez with his sick music skills. Despite help from Matt Damon and Tom Brady…it doesn’t go great
  • E*Trade Babies play pickleball
  • poppi A soda ad that is hoping to convince people that this soda is healthy
  • National Football League A kid with big dreams of playing in the NFL is supported by NFL players while he runs through a market, goes to an NFL training program and meets former New York Giant Osi Umenyiora
  • BetMGM – Vince Vaughn tells everybody that they can bet on the BetMGM app…except Tom Brady because he’s won too much already
  • TurboTax “Abbott Elementary” star Quinta Brunson tells people to do their taxes…and reveals doing your taxes could make you win $1-million
  • NYX Cosmetics – Cardi B hawks “suspicious” lip gloss
  • – Aliens come to earth and they need an apartment. Thankfully Jeff Goldblum is around to help out!
  • Etsy America realizes they have to give France a gift after they’re given the Statue of Liberty. Thankfully, Etsy helps them out…and America gives France a giant cheese board
  • Kia A dad uses his high-beams to light up an ice rink so a grandpa can see his granddaughter skate outside his house
  • Coors The Coors Light train travels across the country to make a football watching party less awkward. LL Cool J drives the train, which bursts through the wall
  • Volkswagen Volkswagen uses old-looking footage to say that they’re part of the American dream
  • Doritos Two abuelas, Dina and Mita, go into full on action-hero mode after someone takes the last bag of Dinamita chips at the grocery store. Jenna Ortega makes a cameo
  • Verizon – Beyonce tries to break the internet…and at the very end teases “drop the music.” She would go on to drop two songs last night.
  • Microsoft Microsoft shows people contemplating their future, and using their new Copilot AI to grow
  • STōK Cold Brew – Anthony Hopkins sells coldbrew and supports the Wrexham soccer club as he takes being an actor very seriously…only to go out onto a soccer field as a mascot
  • T-Mobile – Zach Braff and Donald Faison join Jason Momoa to urge people to cut the cord…and it does turn into a musical pretty quickly
  • Pluto TV PlutoTV shows off a human couch potato farm, which uses people’s favorite TV programming to keep the couch potatoes growing on the farm
  • State Farm – Arnold Schwarzenegger can’t pronounce the word “neighbor” in the State Farm motto “Like a good neighbor, state farm is there”
  • Nerds Candies dance with joy….and then are eaten by Addison Rae
  • Budweiser The Clydesdale horses are back, and pull a wagon of beer through the snow
  • Dove Young female athletes fall down during a sports montage…and Dove says that hard knocks don’t stop girls from playing sports…low body confidence does, as they share a PSA for body positivity
  • – Tina Fey gets body doubles to go on vacations for her since there are so many options on
  • Starry – Ice Spice hangs out with the new soft drink Starry, and runs into her ex at the club
  • CeraVe – Michael Cera pitches his way to do an ad for lotion…CeraVe. Because his name is very close to the brand name he says he created. That gets an obvious thumbs down but CeraVe’s board
  • Michelob Ultra – Lionel Messi plays soccer on a beach while waiting for a beer…while Jason Sudeikis and Dan Marino watch
  • Popeyes – Ken Jeong is unfrozen after being in cryo for a long time so he can finally see what the future holds…new wings from Popeyes
  • Pringles – Chris Pratt sports a mustache and realizes he looks exactly like the mascot for Pringles
  • Hellmann’s – Kate McKinnon realizes her cat can talk and is asking for Mayo a lot…and definitely not just saying “Meow”
  • Uber Eats – Celebrities cant remember anything anymore because they’re too busy remembering everything that Uber Eats can deliver
  • M&M’s The M&M’s company decided to give the almost-winners of past Super Bowls rings to commemorate the fact that they were so close…but so far
  • CrowdStrike A cybersecurity person fights off aliens with her tablet
  • Pfizer The drug company celebrates its 175 years of existing in an ad pointing out that there sure were a lot of scientists in the past…including Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein
  • Bud Light A magic beer genies grants wishes, including hanging out with Peyton Manning and Post Malone
  • e.l.f. Cosmetics A “Suits” reunion mixed with a “Judge Judy” reference is used to sell makeup
  • Miller Lite – Rob Riggle jogs in Miller Lite body paint, as part of the brand’s “Running of the Beers” campaign
  • – Dan Levy of “Schitt’s Creek” and Heidi Gardner of “Saturday Night Live” pitch a bunch of scenarios….
  • Kawasaki People keep growing mullets when they’re in the presence of a Kawasaki Ridge
  • Skechers – Mr. T gets mad at Tony Romo who says there’s now T in Skechers…cause Mr. T is in Skechers
  • Reese’s – A bunch of people aren’t happy Reese’s is making a change…until it turns out they’re making a big Reese’s Cup
  • Oreo The cookie brand goes through time as twisting Oreos is used to determine fate, like flipping a coin for heads or tails
  • Paramount+ – Paramount gathers its stars including Patrick Stewart and Arnold from “Hey Arnold!” to convince you to sign up for their streaming service
  • Drumstick – Eric André is cared for by an ice cream while sick on a plane

Source: New York Times

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