In the true spirit of the season, 92.1 The Frog has partnered with Allen County Children’s Services to help out a local family in need this Christmas.


TO DONATE: Please DM the Frog, text Dave at 419-634-0911, or e-mail and we will come pick up your donated items.


Or you can give a monetary donation HERE.


UPDATE: We plan to deliver all items Tuesday, December 22nd at noon.


For the five-year-old boy:

6 husky or 6/7 size pants

6 husky or 6/7 size shirts

6/7 size coat

1 size shoes

Toys like electronics, games, Legos

Thing child needs the most: clothing


For the four-year-old boy:

4T pants

4T shirt

4/5 Coat

11 size shoes

Toys like trucks, games, sports, balls

Thing child needs the most: clothing


For the 12-month-old girl:

12-month-old pant size

12-month-old shirt size

Size 5 infant shoe

Other items needs: clothing, baby, toys


For the mother:

Size 11 pants

XXL shirts

XXL Coat


Wish list

Kitchen Items:

Canned goods

Dry goods

Pots and pans


Dish towels

Hygiene Products:







Cleaning Products:

Laundry detergent

Dish soap

Baby supplies

Baby lotion

Diapers (Size 5)

Baby food