TEASE: Did Mischa Barton suffer a drug overdose?

Friends are seriously concerned for the well-being of Mischa Barton.

She was hospitalized last week for a psychiatric evaluation. Her neighbors called 911 to report a possible overdose. TMZ published candid photos taken by a neighbor. They’re chilling. Mischa is clearly in distress and having a meltdown.

Mischa wore just a men’s dress shirt in her backyard and acted chaotically. She ranted about the David Bowie character Ziggy Stardust and rambled about her estranged mother being a witch.

Coincidentally, she turned 31 years old on Tuesday, so is her episode a case of celebrating too hard? The night before, her friends threw Mischa a birthday bash. Or, was it a severe panic attack over being unmarried and childless in her 30s?

Since starring in The O.C., Mischa has fallen on hard times. Last year, she flamed out on Dancing With the Stars.

See video HERE.

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