Kenny Chesney is getting hated on by some of Beyonce‘s fans for appearing less than enthusiastic during her performance on the CMAs.

Kenny looked somewhat stoic during the collaboration with The Dixie Chicks on Bey’s “Daddy’s Lessons” while others in the audience were dancing.

Her fans — known collectively as the “BeyHive” — took their displeasure to social media, with one writing, “DON’T EVER DISRESPECT THE QUEEN! HOW DARE U! I HOPE U DIE A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH.”

Another wrote, “Kenny Chesney’s face during Beyonce’s performance was UNACCEPTABLE… I’m sorry. Imma need you to smile in the presence of a queen sir.”

But a more level-headed fan wrote, “We all have particular music we all enjoy and some we don’t. Everyone is entitled to enjoy what they want.” (New York Daily News)


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