Friday Fail

A Florida man just turned breakfast into the most ticket-worthy meal of the day — by getting busted for setting up a table in the middle of a crosswalk and sitting down to a plate of pancakes.

Kiaron Thomas dragged his kitchen set-up into the busy intersection of Memorial Boulevard and Brunnell Parkway in the town of Lakeland before tucking into the meal, which was indeed accompanied by a jug of maple syrup. A number of motorists dialed 911 to complain that they had to swerve to avoid the flapjack-loving freak, but by the time officers arrived on the scene, Thomas had split.

The department placed photos of the incident on Facebook, and a number of people snitched on Thomas, who lives about 100 yards from the intersection. He said he thought it was a funny prank, but cops got the last laugh — with a citation for obstructing traffic. (Bay News 9)

Click HERE to see the pic.


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