A Texas cop really stepped in some deep doo-doo last week after cuffing and booking a man on charges of hauling a load of crystal meth — only to find out the guy was actually carrying kitty litter.

Ross Lebeau was detained after a routine traffic stop turned up a “suspicious” substance that was hidden inside a tube sock, according to a police report. He was taken to jail, where he was fingerprinted and photographed, with mugshots being sent around to local news media along with a statement about the bust being key to protecting the children of Houston from drugs.

But when lab tests came back, they showed no drugs at all, just plain old, store-bought cat litter — which Lebeau told deputies he kept in his vehicle on the recommendation of his dad, who said the substance would help keep his windows from fogging up. Cops released Lebeau 24 hours after the arrest, but admitted no wrongdoing in detaining him. (KTRK)

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