Friday Fail

Police officers aren’t immune to making stupid mistakes, and when they do, there is always a civilian happy to bring it to their attention.

A Florida deputy is going to get teased for a while after a motorist snapped a picture of him driving his squad car with the gas pump still attached. The officer had just filled up and driven off without removing the pump. A good Samaritan was able to flag him down to let him know, but not without first taking a picture to share with everyone on social media, including the Sheriff Department’s Facebook page which captioned the photo, “When you’re just in a hurry to get back on the job. No gas pumps were harmed in the making of this photo.”

The sheriff himself also had some fun at the deputy’s expense tweeting, “He’s not in any trouble. Not going to Hose a guy for being Pumped to get back to work.”

Click HERE to see pics!

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