Friday Fail

A field sobriety test is probably the worst time to show a police officer your gymnastics skills and it landed a New Mexico woman in jail.

23-year-old Bryelle Marshall was found passed out behind the wheel of her car after police responded to a call of a Volkswagen driving erratically. An officer woke her up and believed she showed signs of being intoxicated. So he tried to perform a field sobriety test, which didn’t go so well.

Marshall couldn’t understand the officer’s instructions and giggled repeatedly. But things got bizarre when, instead of walking in a straight line, she kept doing cartwheels. The officer tried his best to remain patient, but after several attempts to get her to walk failed, and bumping him with one of her cartwheels, Marshall was placed under arrest. The officer’s body camera captured everything on video. Marshall been charged with driving while intoxicated, battery and having an expired license plate. (Albuquerque Journal)


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