Background: Written by Cole, Jaron Boyer and Matt Bronleewe, “Flatliner” is the third single off Cole’s You Should Be Here album. The song was originally written with Dierks Bentley in mind, back in 2013, before Cole had his record deal. When the two eventually recorded the song together, Dierks was surprised their hilarious banter was left in the final cut.
Going On Now: Cole is out on the road with Dierks Bentley, opening for his What the Hell tour.
What’s Next: Cole continues to tour with Dierks until September, when he plans to take a break from the road and start working on his new album.

Cole tells Maxim that he wrote the song with Dierks in mind before he got his own record deal. “Then after I got my record deal, and I told him that story, and he told me to send it to him, so I did. He emailed me back and said, “That’s a hit song, it’s awesome. I wish you’d sing it with me.”

The timing couldn’t be better for the song since he’s opening for Dierks’ What the Hell tour.

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